Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Art

Some new pieces...

Pen and ink...

The world bends under It's own weight...
This is pretty interesting. Not sure if it quite works, but I do like the colors...

Chicken Man
Chicken man!!!!!

Thanks for your time.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sketches No. 1

Here are some character sketches from my sketchbook. Keep in mind that these are only sketches, and they might look unfinished or have unnecessary stuff in the background. I just wanted to give you some idea of what the inside of my sketchbook looks like.

Sketch 4
Some sketches for a ghost/spirit girl.

Sketch 5
I really like the one in the lower left.

Sketch 3
I tried to apply the same style I used on the ghost girl to a different character. Except this one looks more like some kinda tree spirit.

Sketch 1
More tree spirit.

Sketch 2
Another ghostly character.

Lots of ugly background smudges in this one. I thought I'd still include it since it combines separate characters into one picture. I like the way their hands bind together too.

Thanks For reading!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recent Art

Some new pieces...

Floating Notes
Pretty nice pen and ink piece. I like the guy's expression.

Trapped in a Place that is not Heaven
This one actually comes straight from my sketch book. I was messing around with colored pencils, and just started drawing crazy blue lines on one page. An idea struck me, and I decided to add the guy.

Painting the Sky
This last one's ink and oil pastels. I'll try to post again over the next few days. Thanks for your time. Bye!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Post!!!

Hello, You have reached the art blog of Joseph Raphael Smolin. I'm an aspiring teenage artist who decided to make a blog. I will hopefully be posting new pieces here several times a week, and maybe share my thoughts on some of them. I'll start by posting some of my favorite works. Enjoy!!


Birdey, Birdey, Burning Bright


Tears of Blue

Tuesday Morning, 4 A.M.

Windows of the Soul

Snow Blossom